Accel 1 clipping not safe to fly

Hi there,
I have holybro x500 v2, pixhawk6x as fcu, I need to use it on high speed applications, around 10 m/s , 15 m/s. I have never got this error on low speed up to 2 m/s
When I increase the speed around 10 m/s I get this, accel 1 clipping not safe to fly, warning.

What may cause this ? I have also tested with another x500 v2, I got the same error.

Since I am using pixhawk 6x, I have 3 accels on it, since other two accels don’t clipping, can it be safe to fly like this.

I will add some logs:

Looks like there is a lot of vibration. Try to isolate these vibrations with mechanical thing. this could be one of the reason for this error.

if you flying manually then, this should not create a problem but
don’t perform the way point navigation or automatic flight.

Calibrate ACC & GYRO again

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I have actually tried to isolate vibrations, and tested with no avail. I will make a naked fly to see any progress.

What about other two accels ? Why am I always getting this error for accel 1. Aren’t these three accels doing the same job, they are there for redundancy as far as I know.

Since the other two don’t give clipping error, autopliot still have two healthy accels, can it be safe to ignore it ?

Thanks in advance

I am not sure, where it is safe to ignore it.

Sometimes, this vibrations are coming from motor and propeller, so check your motor propeller connection and motor frame connection.