Accel 1 Clipping with PX4, no problems with Arducopter

Hello all,

I have a hexacopter on a custom built CF frame. It uses a Pixhawk 6c, and 13x4.5 plastic propellers. I have been experiencing problems with clipping lately. Most of the time I don’t get an error message until I switch from Stabilize to any semi-autonomous/autonomous flight mode. My frame isn’t super stiff, but it’s also much better than your average plastic DJI flamewheel.

Could anyone point me to troubleshooting this clipping issue?

Perhaps my allowed rates for acceleration and deg/s is too high? I know the plastic propellers probably deflect in high torque situations.


Log file: log_39_2023-5-16-10-38-50.ulg - Google Drive

Here is another log, this time with the high logging rate. I attempted a short waypoint mission, and had to stop it halfway through due to erratic behavior.

That’s odd. @bresch could you maybe check this?