Abnormal Drone behavior

Hi all,

I tried to fly my Drone
Drone frame: Tarot X4
motor : T-Motor MN505-S 380kv
Propeller:T-Motor P18*6.1cf
ESC: Alpha 60A 24S

First using the stable mode I took off the Drone, I did a few moves on the pitch and roll axes and landed (10 times with no problem).

Then I took off with the stable mode and then at a height of 5-7 meters I switched to the altitude mode and did some moves in the pitch and roll without any problem. However, when I tried to land the Drone “with altitude mode” something abnormal happened as shown in the video link.
When it reached a height of 1.5-2 meters, it began to oscillate heavily. Then I tried to go back to stable mode (as shown in the log file) to control the Drone but that was too late.

Can any one help? @bresch
why such behavior happend?

The fly test took place in 3.august.2022 at the same day there was a solar storm hiting the earth and in the watchdog log i saw that
Mag X, Y, Z check happend in the same time of the abnormal behavior
could that be the reason “changing in the magnatic field”?

Best regards

I see that you’re getting EKF2 Failures at the end of your flight. See “logged messages” at the very bottom after message 16. Those are most likely caused by high vibrations. Try to reduce them or change the EKF_MULTI_IMU Parameter to 1. This will decrease your level of safety for the drone though.

I wrote a post about this topic: Solved: PX4 unstable flight in Position Mode after updating to V12.3

I hope this helps

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