A-Tail VTOL Setup and Configuration

Hi, how would i go about setting up the pixhawk 4 with standard VTOL airframe configuration but also to accommodate for an A-tail?

I have no personal experience with this airframe but did you try setting the airframe to Generic AAVVT v-tail plane airframe with Quad VTOL. SYS_AUTOSTART = 13007?

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply, i haven’t set up the pixhawk yet, we are still in the preliminary design stage of the VTOL UAV and still unfamiliar with the control system set up. any good literature you recommend for getting a grip on setting up the control system?

I suppose if you provide a use case/ application, what kind of payload you have in mind and are you doing a conversion of an existing model or your own design. If you haven’t yet, the VTOL Airframe of the docs would be a good starting point.

Good luck.

The other option is the BabyShark VTOL - SYS_AUTOSTART = 13014

  • MAIN1 : Ailerons
  • MAIN2 : A-tail left
  • MAIN3 : Pusher motor
  • MAIN4 : A-tail right
  • MAIN5 : motor 1
  • MAIN6 : motor 2
  • MAIN7 : motor 3
  • MAIN8 : motor 4

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply. For some reason, the babyshark VTOL is not showing up in the drop down list in the standard VTOL aiframes drop down list on Q ground control. Any advice on this issue?

Just try changing it in Parameters then reboot it. Test at that point. If it doesn’t work right, maybe try to contact @sfuhrer who’s the listed maintainer of the airframe.

Good luck.

What versions of PX4 and QGC are you using? Maybe one of them is too old.

pixhawk 4 and v 1.10

@shadi the version of QGC is also important. You see it at the bottom of the general Settings menu.

Thanks! i managed to get it on the pixhawk. I was supposed to hover test today but my university are very anal on safety (UK). Will hopefully hover test at the end of the week. Any reccomendations for the PID values? Im running standard atm…

Usually starting with the default params is reasonable. And then start tuning it as explained here: Multicopter PID Tuning Guide · PX4 v1.9.0 User Guide
Feel free to ask for advice either here or on slack if you have problems with it.