A POSER IN HITL&Qgroundcontrol&Xplane

Hello ,I am chinese.I have some question ,but Ican’t find something valuable in BAIDU in chinese network.So I have to seek help in there!
I want to use pixhawk & qgroundcontrol & Xplane 10 to make a hitl simulation system. I fellow the instruction by official website of Dronecode——https://dev.px4.io/en/simulation/hitl.html. But I can’t get it.
Xplane connect QGC by UDP , if I control the plane in Xplane by keyboard, I can see the path of the plane fly in the QGC, But I can’t,control the plane by radio controller?
Anyone has the same question with me? I need your help! Thank you very much~
My email:1173487873@qq.com