4in1 ESC and holybro pixhawk 4

what is the best way to connect 4in1 esc (DALRC engine) to pixhawk 4?
can I avoid soldering m1,m2,m3,m4 motors and use the rail on pm07 instead?

You can power the ESC from the pm07 but will need to get your motor order correct. I’ve used 4in1s in the past and there are several different motor orders. Just take note of what m1(esc) is vs m1(pixhawk). Basically, if this is your esc motor ordering
and PX4 is
just wire
Hope that’s your question and this helps.

Shouldn’t m1 go to px4M3? You show 2 ESC tied to M4.

Dave, Yes sorry that was an error from haste. I also don’t know the ordering of the ESC you have so it can be different. You can modify the motor ordering in PX4 also, but I find it easier to just cross the wires. Basically you want px4M1 to be connected to the front right motor, whatever your esc calls it.

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