4 Maxbot i2c sensor MB1242 for px4 on a rover

i dont understand why a clear diagram is not available to connect 4 Maxbot MB1242 i2c sensors on a rover. would like to connect 1 on each corner. i have seen the datasheets i have changed the address on a 1 mb1242 from 0x70 to 0x50. mission planner only sees 0x70. correct me if i am wrong but all i2c sensors are to be at a different address, then how can the px4 only see 1?

my goal is to have 4 sensors on the rover so it doesn’t bang into anything when using mission planner or qgroundcontrol. Please Help. THANKS

Are you using Ardupilot/Ardurover or PX4? I ask because Mission Planner doesn’t support PX4. You’d need to try Ardupilot discuss for Ardurover support - http://discuss.ardupilot.org

If I remember correctly, PX4 supports multiple maxbotix sonars, but it looks for them in descending order from the default I2C address. So you shouldn’t have gaps in the I2C addresses.

what i had done is upload the firmware to the px4 using mission planner. the firmware selected was ardurover 3.11. did i make an error? i ask because qgroundcontrol cannot arm and disarm. do arm and disarm i use a switch connected to the px4.


Thank you very much. i set the second i2c maxbot to 0x69. then using qground control i displayed the analyze screen. then i passed my hand on the first sensor and i seen the graph respond. then i passed my hand on the second sensor, and i observed a change with a different reading. although confirmation can be done if qgroundcontrol could plot 2 rangefinders instead of 1. but thanks. now i need to decide to get 2 more i2c rangefinders or 2 analog rangefinders. once i clarify the what needs to be done using 4 rangefinders i will make a diagram and post it as a pdf document.

If you are using ardurover/ardupilot you are in the wrong forum. You should ask in discuss.ardupilot.org, as stated above.

since i have a px4 i guess the correct thing would be to upload the correct firmware from groundcontrol. i noticed this forum has an item for version 3.1.0 what happened to 3.1.1?

hi! did you figure this out? How can you see the address in MP? I have change the MaxBotic address with an Arduino, from 224 to 222, 226, any other address and doestn work…

Any one have solve this issue?