Multiple MaxBotix I2C Pixhawk 2.1 problem


I have multiple MaxBotix I2C sonars, my idea is to use one as obstavcle avoidance on the front and the second one pointing down to measure the high. Each one will work fine alone, but when i plug the sencond to the i2c riel seems like to interfer each other. So I have change the address of one of the sonar, but any address different to the 224 make the sonar stop working on the pix.

Another thing I realize is the PixHacwk 2.1 only get the rngfnd and never the rngfnd2.

Im missing something? Any one did sonmethin similar?


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you connected i2c sonar directly to pixhawk i2c port…or you do some algorithm change in px4…
if u didn’t change the algorithm code…where you got the output of sonor…
please clarify my doubt sir…
thank u


May be with this picture will be easier to understand