3DR PX4 Marked APM Copter

I have a 3DR PX4 marked APM Copter, It is a standard looking 3DR PX4 unit, FMU v2 2.4.(8? covered by a connection), ive upgraded the firmware to 1.14.0 pro version on QGroundControl, but im unsure about its origins, functionality and general build and structure inside. I think the unit was used by ArduPilot and running Mission Planner software or some firmware build related to them, but im not sure. My question, does anyone have any info about this unit? Will it run normal firmware from QGroundControl/3DR PX$, because it upgraded fine? Would it be better to use Ardupilot/Mission planner for the system? Any info, or direction to info about this unit would be appreciated. P.S. It seems to power up, and function fine on USB connection, and going through it on QGroundControl, and systems seem fine in there, but have not hooked it op to a drone for now. Thanks

v1.14.0 would mean that you flashed the PX4 software. You can also select ArduPilot instead. Often QGroundControl is used with PX4 and MissionPlanner with ArduPilot.

I flashed the firmware from QGC, to see if it would accept it. Do you know anything about this unit? It seems a re-brand of the 3DR PX4, as APM copter, which seems to be Ardu Pilot and utilizing mission planner.

The Pixhawk likely supports both PX4 and ArduPilot.

Can you share a picture?

Here it is. I trying to find out as much as possible about this unit. Thanks

Yer, just a “normal” Pixhawk with the ArduPilot pinout sticker on top.

Thanks. I appreciate the info and correspondence.

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