1.6.0 dev can't calibrate horizon level

Hi Guys,

Yesterday I tried to load latest master 1.6.0 dev on a Pixracer and during setup I have not been able to use horizon level calibration. Compas, Gyro, ACC worked but not horizon level.

I am using QGC 3.1.2 MAC version, does the same thing using Android version.

Any idea?



I second this problem. However after a reboot QGC reported sensors all calibrated and all lights green.

Seen on Pixhawk/MindPX/MindRacer.

I am using QGC 3.0.0 on MAC

All green, but before ACC calibration it is already green… Doesn`t make sense.
After calibration, attitude indicator / virtual horizon in QGC is not leveled.
This is why I think it is not even doing it.