Level Horizon Calibration always fail

I am configuring sensors of pixhawk following the tutorial of http://dev.px4.io/starting-initial-config.html. But I have a problem configuring Level Horizon. As following picture, the level horizon have finished configuring but the red point on the button “Level Horizon” doesn’t turn green. I’ve tried sevel times but always the same. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with it?

Generally, the level horizontal calibration is the last step for the whole calibration process. You should make sure that the compass, gyroscope and accelerometer are correctly calibrated.You could recalibrated the previous sensors to test again.

Can you search for sens_board in Parameter editor and tell me what the values are for the X/Y/Z offsets?

SENS_BOARD_ROT is No rotation
SENS_BOARD X, Y, Z are all zeros

Did the green progress bar stay like it is shown on the screen. If so you are hitting a parameter update problem which has been likely fixed in Daily Builds.

Yes, the green progress bar stay like that. So can you tell me how can I solve this problem?

Could you check the Messages that were sent? Red Warning Triangle Symbol.

You may be running into a paramter refresh bug in the Stable build. Can you try a Daily build instead. That had parameter refresh fixed: https://donlakeflyer.gitbooks.io/qgroundcontrol-user-guide/content/download_and_install.html