0x3000 Internal Error

I get an internal error message of 0x3000 with my Holybro Pixhawk 1 on Mission Planner, and the quadcopter does not arm. What does 0x3000 mean? I also get unusual beeps when I try to arm the quadcopter. I tried replacing the firmware with Plane firmware, then reinstalling the quadcopter firmware, to no avail. When I go through compass calibration, the green bars completely fill, but I get a popup message to reboot. So I disconnect from Mission Planner, reconnect, and run through the compass calibration routine. Same results. It used to be that when I set up a quadcopter on Mission Planner, I could go through an entire setup routine, which would take me all the way through all the steps, even to checking the type of power module and battery. It doesn’t do that anymore. I can’t tell if Mission Planner thinks my aircraft is flight worthy anymore. Where is there an up-to-date setup procedure and description of error messages and fixes on the web?