Xplane12 to px4 SITL motor config

i am connecting xplane and px4 SITL simulation. able to send input and output using MAVlink API to px4. i mentioned the motor position of xplane in px4 airframe (custom airframe) only in location px4_v1.14/ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d-posix/airframes. but the flight is horrable in xplane12. i think the motor position in px4 airframe is worng. So how to correctly set the xplane12 motor config in px4 airframe?.
Also in px4 v1.13, mixer module is there for sending the motor signals according to the motor position. but in px4 v1.14, mixer module is missing. So where can i find the mixer module in px4 v1.14?

solved from my end.
There is a dataref called engine location: sim/flightmodel2/engines/location_x_mtr,
which tells the location of engine in OPENGL environment coordinate (EAST, UP, SOUTH). just convert it into px4 NED coordinate system. [NED North (X) = -OGL South (Z) // NED East (Y) = OGL East (X) // NED Down (Z) = -OGL Up (Y) (REFERENCE FROM Alireza Ghaderi-XPLANETOPX4 XPLANE PLUGIN SOURCE CODE)]. And it worked…