Winter Conditions Any Advice?

Hi Guys,

Temperature, it looks like the PIXRACER gets affected by cold, or at least, when going outside and coming back inside our shack, etc. Yesteday temperature was like -10oC (14oF).

As per my understanding, compass is/should be Temperature compensated and it looks like this brutal temperature transition doesn’t help it. I was unable to arm the vehicule, I took QGC and the error was a mag 2 error. So, I have recalibrated the compas, it armed and it worked.

At some point we left the machine outside and it solved the issue.

So…. it is definitely temperature related. Unless it is the external compass in the the HK M8N GPS that creates the issue.

Any advice regarding Winter Conditions? How do yo manage this?



I am also having cold weather issues with the pix racer specifically. I find that when the board is left out in the cold for a lengthy amount of time without an input it fully locks up and the plane has to restart. I have only noticed this in the cold and am wondering if that can cause a full lockup.

Also, I had two vehicles with me when I was doing some flying in the cold, and one of them kept on having mag issues that we had never seen before, even after a re calibration. Part of me thinks this is just a new issue with that flight controller specifically, as the other vehicle with a pix racer performed flawlessly.