Wifi + LoRa telemetry add-on

Can you send me the schematic

any news about your project ? It looks interesting

Sadly the project is a bit on the back burner at the moment. The esp8266 part works, but I have not tested the stm32/lora part. In the meantime, if you want to build on my work: Eagle schematic and board

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I’m following your (very interesting) project. As you, i believe in LoRa->something bridge as the best solution to have a reliable yet integrated datalink solution. However, i think the best is to go with bluetooth rather wifi to locally bridge connection, as i think that Wifi should be reserved to route HD digital video, so you could have both (video and telem) working on the same device, wirelessy, from different datalink devices until a integrated “do-it-all” solution pops out.


I am interested about this project, this project have big potential.

I have idea for flow control… the communication between Flight controller and ESP module can be fast containing all MAV-link massages, depend on the speed between ESP module and LoRa Node the massages between those 2 points can be reduced dynamically.

Also to the ESP module can be connected standard MAV-link working on 433MHz when communication between UAV and GSC is lost/bad the ESP module can switch to LoRa.

On the ESP32 boards have enough GPIO pins to sustain 1 SPI and 2 UARTs

This device can become some kind of “communication co-computer”.

Leverage of this:

  1. On short distance using standard MAV-Link HM-TRP chip with fast speed between UAV and GSC.
  2. On the long distance using LoRa WAN with dynamic flow control.
  3. Using only single UART on the Flight controller.

I don’t have programming skills, only hardware. If somebody start to write software connected to my idea i can support hardware part of the project.

thank you for the initial ideas of the board. I have a very similar project but with Radiocraft TinyMesh module instead of LoRa+STM32. How did you plan to use status LEDs on your board? Upd: I have found your fork on GitHub, thanks!

I’m working on a similar project. I’m looking to collaborate. Please contact me. 812-788-0664