Why the drone is "jumping" during steady flight?


I’m excepted to realized a steady flight at 2.5m from the ground in mission mode. But as you can see in the video below the drone is “jumping” which is of course not desired :

Do you have any idea where does it come from?
Could it be a power problem mangement ?
Interferences that could disturb sensors? (I’m in a soccer field and there is some garden hoses in the ground … )

Thank you for your help,


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Do you have the Logfile from this Flight?

Logfile is corrupted as the landing was a bit “hard” …

Do you know from which sensor come from the altitude estimation used for the controller?
May be this sensor does not work very well …

That looks rather weird. What controller Brand/Type do you use? Did you shield Baro from Propeller Downwash/Turbulence? Could also be caused by bad Vibration Dampening. A log would be really helpfull. Does it always happen? Also in PosCtrl Mode or AltitudeMode?