Why in SITL, battery doesn't drop below 61%

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Maybe this question has already been asked. I am working with PX4 SITL and whenever I create a mission using Qgroundcontrol or any other application. The battery percentage never drops below 61%. Is there any specific reason behind this? or I am missing something…

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Try to have a look at the parameter SIM_BAT_MIN_PCT that should be the minimum value of the simulated battery.

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  1. So far no on really thought it was important enough to add that.
  2. Hard to do on a sim model. What is the current draw of the motors vs. PWM drive? It depends on many variables. The type of the motor, the prop pitch, the weight of the drone etc.
  3. We want unlimited flight time.
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It has been added you just need to figure out yourself what is a realistic drain on the battery. There are options for how fast the battery should drain, and how low it should drain, the parameter I sent before. It is used to test different fail-safes for low batteries.
But I agree with you, that it is not a realistic drain on the battery, so can not be used to estimate flight time or anything like that.

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