Which Telemetry should i use for pixhawk?

i am designing UAV. i can not decide which telemetry should i use. actually i can’t decide which frequency should i use for telemetry. i have two options right now. i can use 433 MHz or 2.4 GHz.

and i select XBee Module for this.

Which frequency should I choose? Can you help me? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two frequencies?

by the way I will do image processing with this UAV. In other words, I will lock other drones in the air and transfer them live to the ground station.

Well seems you are bit mixed concept of telemetry and video streaming, they are actually two different things and usually not handled with one single physical device.

433Mhz is not a proper choice for video steaming at all, as its low bandwidth. But it can be used for telemetry as it may reach longer distance in some cases.

2.4Ghz usually have bit less distance than 433MHz, but it also has higher bandwidth. You have the possibility to mix telemetry & video streaming in one, if you are not asking for very high video quality or frame rates. Still, it is recommended to use a dedicated device for different purpose.

I will actually use jetson Nano for the image process. The flight of the drone that I will build will be autonomous flight. So don’t autonomous codes and image process codes need to work simultaneously? although there are different devices.

In summary, let me ask like this. Which telemetry module and frequency would you prefer?

em… let’s rephrase like this to be more clear,

The word ‘Telemetry’ means to acquire a small amount of key data of target from remote distance. Note the point here is “a small amount” and “remote”
While you are trying to transfer images to the ground station, that is a lot of data, so it is not likely the 'telemetry" is intended to. It is better referred as “streaming”.