Which SYS_MC_EST_GROUP should I use?

Hi Everyone,

I am just trying to sort out which SYS_MC_EST_GROUP would work for my quadcopter setup that uses SLAM for local position data in conjunction with a flow sensor and range finder for altitude data. I feel as though I need to filter my local position data as my SLAM algorithm can loose itself sometimes, another bug I am trying to figure out.

I am using MAVROS/vision data for local x,y,z position and supply another source of z data with my rangefinder directly to position_inav. If I am operating without GPS using a quadcopter, which SYS_MC_EST_GROUP would offer me the best state estimation results. I use the sonar data from my flow sensor in my vision data stream for Z. My x,y position definitely jump due to my SLAM output losing its place when it no longer sees any landmarks. I feel as though I need to use EKF2 but Q Estimator and INAV have allowed me to achieve autonomous flight. Does anyone have any insight on which estimators I should attempt to use? I am also unsure of the current support limitations of each estimator is.

Hi, you have to use local_position_estimator (LPE).