Which Pixhawk version is best for flying VTOL in higher elevation regions?

So I am building a normal VTOL as a hobby project. I have heard that VTOL flight would be very tough in higher elevation regions in India. I wanted to fly my VTOL at some higher elevations. I wonder what type of Pixhawk version would be best suitable to this. Would Cube autopilot work? or should I go for CUAV version? Again I think the basic MS4535 pitot tube would not work properly at these high altitude regions because there are chances of icing. So a heated version of the Pitot tube should be used I guess. But would this heated version be compatible with which Pixahwk version?
Pixhawk community in India, I need your take on this.

Thank you in advance.

Some of the more recent flight controllers have heated sensor to always provide reliable readings.
However, it would probably be necessary to check technical details of the various sensors being used as I believe some are only rated to heights of up to 1000m above sea level. Whilst they probably still work at higher altitudes they may not be reliable.
So look for the sensors that a rated for the highest altitude.

In regards to Pitot tube: Iā€™m not sure what the options are there in the hobby market. I would be inclined to use fast update GPS instead.

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