Which file is responsible for the PWM outputs?

Pixhawk4 PX4 v.1.13

Starting from the commander.cpp module, where we can arm the drone, actuator controls commands are send to mixer_module.cpp. There they get translated and published to actuator_outputs.

When using CAN this gets than used by uavcan.cpp and esc.cpp.

Where exectly does it go when not using CAN ?

I glanced at PWMOut.cpp, pwm.cpp and px4io.cpp but I can’t find the line where new PWM (AUX) signals actually get set.

EDIT: Seems like ioctl and pwm_ioctl in PWMOut.cpp are responsible for that but where are those functions called ?

PWMOut.cpp, pwm.cpp and px4io.cpp can all be responsible depending on your parameters but when you also want to use CAN on v1.13
you also need to add pwm_out start to e.g. rcS