Where is gazebo/SITL log file located?

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great time.
I’m facing some issues in my SITL environment and I get these errors :

WARN  [PreFlightCheck] Preflight: not enough GPS Satellites
INFO  [commander] Armed by external command
WARN  [commander] Failsafe enabled: No manual control stick input
INFO  [commander] Failsafe mode activated
INFO  [tone_alarm] notify negative
WARN  [mc_pos_control] invalid setpoints
INFO  [tone_alarm] battery warning (fast)
INFO  [commander] Takeoff detected
INFO  [commander] Landing detected
INFO  [commander] Disarmed by landing
INFO  [commander] Failsafe mode deactivated
INFO  [logger] closed logfile, bytes written: 2348941
ERROR [mavlink] [timesync] Time jump detected. Resetting time synchroniser.
WARN  [commander] Connection to mission computer lost
[Wrn] [Publisher.cc:135] Queue limit reached for topic /gazebo/default/user_camera/pose, deleting message. This warning is printed only once.

Where can I find the full log file for this so that I can use the flight_review to see whats going on?
Any help is greatly appreciated

@Master It is displayed further above the same terminal output you are sharing

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Thanks a lot, I found the location. The actual location for me was in


The path shown in the terminal is a relative path to the path I specified above.