Flight log creation and analysis in SITL mode

Hello @LorenzMeier, @Jaeyoung-Lim , @DonLakeFlyer . I would like to check controller’s performace for different parameters for my quadcopter model in PX4_SITL. I can launch the simulation file and fly it in OFFBOARD mode in simulation. In hardware I am able to get the flight logs from SD card installed on flight controller but in simulation I could seee that some log file is created but unable to find where it is. If someone can route me to the default location of file being saved, that would be help. I am attaching a screenshot that indicates that a log file is created after arming the drone in simulation. (I have checked the flight log list in QGC, the shown in picture below is not present there)

I hope to get some help, Thanks

I found it myself, it is located at .ros/log The log is not created inside FIrmware directory (which is cloned from git) as suggested by many people on internet. It goes into ros.
Moreover the log message also does not clearly indicate where the files are, i kept on findinf some hidden “.log” directory :woozy_face:

@Ranjeet That is because you started SITL with ROS.

If it is started with the internal script, it is located inside the build directory: build/px4_sitl_default/logs

okay, i understand now. thanks.