What is the Unit for MIS_TAKEOFF_ALT?

i’am confused about the Unit to be used for MIS_TAKEOFF_ALT
the Parameter Reference talk about Meters but the Settings seems to be in 1/10 of Meters.
e.G. the Default is 2.5 and the documention talk about 25 Meters

Which documentation?
The px4 parameters page says 2.5meters.

MIS_TAKEOFF_ALT (FLOAT) Take-off altitude

Comment: This is the minimum altitude the system will take off to. 0 > 80 (0.5) 2.5 m

oh i see you are probably right.
i’am using a FixedWing therefore MIS_TAKEOFF_ALT is the wrong way.
i will try FW_CLMBOUT_DIFF for the next flight to see if it takes effect.

On my first flights in TakeOff Mode it starts to Loiter in a height wich is not save in my opinion.
i estimated 25 m but they are rather 10 m so FW_CLMBOUT_DIFF is the reason.