Weird Fixed-Wing UAV flight data in SIH

I want to obtain position and attitude data for fixed-wing flight through PX4 simulation. Currently, I am trying to retrieve these data from the log files generated after the flight, but I am encountering some issues.

Initially, I used purely software simulation and obtained data for attitude and position, which seemed to include attitude, angular velocity, angular acceleration, position, velocity, and acceleration. However, when I attempted to use HITL (Hardware in the Loop), unfortunately, it does not support fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

So, I resorted to SIH and manually controlled the simulation. However, the logged data seems to have some issues. Firstly, the ‘vehicle_attitude_acceleration’ data that existed in the pure software simulation does not appear to be recorded in SIH. Even worse, the recorded data for position, velocity, and acceleration seems to be problematic. When I use the recorded acceleration and velocity to update the velocity and position, the results are completely different from the recorded data. The same issue applies to attitude and angular velocity data.

I have selected ‘vehicle_attitude,’ ‘vehicle_attitude_velocity,’ and ‘vehicle_local_position’ as the data of interest. I’m not entirely certain if my selection is correct. I would appreciate it if someone could inform me which topics in the log correspond to pose data and position data in the body frame and the inertial frame.

Regarding the issues with the data, I suspect it may be due to the fact that the actual flight data changes at a much higher rate than the sampling rate, and the sampling frequency during the flight is not stable. While the sampling rate is 50Hz when the aircraft is stationary, it may drop to 40Hz during flight.

I am in urgent need of correct and stable fixed-wing UAV flight pose data, but I am unsure how to resolve these issues. Additionally, during the process of resolving these issues, would it be possible for someone to provide some correct and stable flight data or acrobatic flight data that I can use in the meantime?

Could you share the log? You can do so via this website:

SITL: Flight Review - Fixed Wing (
SIH: Flight Review - Fixed Wing (
Sorry, I just saw your reply. Here are two logs. However, I’m not sure why Flight Review doesn’t display the curves for Local Position X and Y in the SIH data.