Waypoint headings // Creating multiple waypoints in same position

Hi. A couple of waypoint related questions. Docs for 3.2 say (and illustrate) a setting for waypoint headings. I’m running the linux 3.4 version – and it appears the heading setting is missing from the waypoint dialog. What is the best way to specify heading at a waypoint – e.g. to yaw around in a circle slowly while loitering at that point for some number of seconds? Also, what is the best way to create multiple waypoints at the same lat/long without having to manually drag them on top of each other on the map? Thanks very much!

Digging around more … is param4 the yaw setting? Where is this documented?

The heading field on a waypoint is only show for firmware/vehicle type combinations which support it. That said it tends to not work even then because there is a parameter which locks heading to point towards the next waypoint. There are other mission commands I think which can be used to do what you want. I’d ask somewhere on a firmware forum, describing what you want to do and what command to use.

The mavlink docs (https://mavlink.io/en/messages/common.html) specify what ever parameter in a mission command means.

I’m about to test this, but it appears that the “wait for heading” command (which only appears in the long, very complete “use with care” command list) might do the job. About to find out. Thanks.