Warning and questions : Fried 2 pixhawks, still unsure how

So Ive been using a pixhawk 1 for a while, everything working fine. Then suddenly it shorted (I think). Now when I plug it in no computer can pick it up. It happened after removing the SD card. At this point I was just confused and I thought it was just some freak accident. I’ve looked for reverse polarity and checked the voltage of the pdb and can’t find a problem

Then I get my friends brand new pixhawk 4 mini. Its working fine. Connect PPM module and receiver and the ESCs. Then I take out the SD card again. Now same problem. I don’t see how this could fry the board but apparently it does, both times the pixhawk was only connected to USB power.

Both the pixhawks get hot soon after being plugged in so I assume the MCU is shot. Any possible fixes for this? is the SD card thing the cause and I’m just stupid?

Thanks guys, feel free to go ham on me if there is a clear I deserve it after frying my friends board.