Pixhawk Mini Power Problems

I have been having a lot of power issues with my Pixhawk Mini. Everything was working fine for months. Then I hooked up an ODROID to the Quad Power Distribution Board that came with the Mini. I hooked up the ODROID to a 5V output on the distribution board - which is the voltage the ODROID needs - but this fried the ODROID. I bought a new ODROID, and put a voltage regulator between it and the power distribution board. Ever since, the ODROID has been working fine, but I have run into another problem.

One time, right after flying and landing, the servos (I’m flying a fixed-wing) started spazzing out, and one of them went fully saturated and burnt. I hoped this was a fluke, but it happened again today; also after flying for a couple minutes and then landing (this has never happened in the air). After this happened, the Pixhawk Mini stopped functioning properly. When I power it via USB, QGC doesn’t recognize it, I can’t upload firmware, all the lights on the front go on except the main light, there is no beeping, and it will get hot. I tried powering another Pixhawk Mini with the same setup, i.e. via a LiPo connected to the distribution board, with the ODROID and its regulator also on the distribution board, and it IMMEDIATELY got damaged in the same way. I imagine the fault has to be in the distribution board, right? I can’t have had two Minis fluke at the same time.

Separate question: what is going on with the production of the Mini? Is anyone (3DR) still producing it? Is there anywhere reputable to buy it today?