Want to control Convergence motor tilt angle

Hi Mark, the standard Convergence parameters are available in ArduPilot (Mission Planner). Can you make a file compatable with this? Again I am using a Pixfalcon controller and I want to use your Q_FWD_THR_CH and Q_FWD_THR_MAX commands so that I can control the forward tilt of the motors, so the vehicle moves forward in MC mode. I tried loading your binary file in ArduPilot (Mission Planner), but it produced an error message.
Thanks, William

I tried using the aruplane.apj file at the same location of the link you gave me, and it seems to all work in Auduplane (Mission Planner). I now see your new Q_FWD_THR_CH and Q_FWD_THR_MAX commands as well as the standard Convergence parameters.

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