Want to control Convergence motor tilt angle

Hi Mark, the standard Convergence parameters are available in ArduPilot (Mission Planner). Can you make a file compatable with this? Again I am using a Pixfalcon controller and I want to use your Q_FWD_THR_CH and Q_FWD_THR_MAX commands so that I can control the forward tilt of the motors, so the vehicle moves forward in MC mode. I tried loading your binary file in ArduPilot (Mission Planner), but it produced an error message.
Thanks, William

I tried using the aruplane.apj file at the same location of the link you gave me, and it seems to all work in Auduplane (Mission Planner). I now see your new Q_FWD_THR_CH and Q_FWD_THR_MAX commands as well as the standard Convergence parameters.

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Hi Mark Whitehorn,
I am developing a new and larger Convergence type VTOL tiltrotor aircraft and I would like to use the tilt forward commands you developed. But I can not find them. Specifically I need the Q_FWD_Thr_Ch and the Q_FWD_Thr_Max ArduPlane firmware parameter commands. I am using an Orange cube flight controller, and running Mission planner on a Win 10 laptop. You had mentioned these parameter commands would eventually become available in ArduPlane firmware. But the latest version still do not have these. Can you help me get access to a version of the firmware that has these?

By the way in my 1/6 scale model we were orrigionally discussing, I am noticing some strange behavior of the front tilting motors. As you may recall I am using a PixFalcon flight controller. First of all the the asynchronous tilting and your synchronous tilting only works if the vehicle is in QAcro mode and the vehicle is Armed. Switching between QAcro and Manual flight mode correctly tilts the motors so that the vehicle transitions between Vertical and horizontal flight mode and visa versa. But going between QAcro mode and Stabalize mode causes the tilt motor servos to go in the opposite direction and beyond the range programed, which would cause the vehicle to crash. The only way to do this is to first transition from QAcro to Manual mode and then switch to Stabalize. Have you seen this problem and do you have a fix?

Thanks, William