Waiting for Vehicle Connection - Setup created from source code

I created a new installer of QGroundControl from the source code i got from the github,
Installer is created and installed successfully but there is a message “Waiting for Vehicle Connection”.
Whereas when I download and install the setup (from here) of QGroundControl, it connects automatically with the PixHawk and I can see all the options.

GitHub Source Code Link: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol
I am using QT Creator 4.11.0 Enterprise

Installer is created on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
Installer is installed on Windows 10 Pro Version 1903

Released version of QGC use Qt 5.12.6. So that is one difference. You are likely going to need to debug it yourself to figure it out.

Made the following changes and it worked.
1- Operating System changed to Windows 10 Pro x64.
2- QT Creator 4.10.2
3- Based on QT Creator 5.13.2 (MSVC 2017 x32bit)
4- Build the solution with QT 5.12.6 MSVC2017 x64bit.
5- Got the new code from Git.