How to install QGC properly (Windows 10)

Hi, all

I have a problem in installing QGC.
When I install and load qgc then every menu does not appear properly. For example, ‘File’ menu contains only 2 choices (qgcerr1.png), and the vehicle set up icon allows me to get to only 2 menus (qgcerr1.png). I installed QGC 3.3.2 in my Windows 10 build 15063.1155, and had downloaded and installed a windows installation execution file from qgc hompage.
Could you please share how I can install it properly? Thank you



As the message says, Vehicle settings and info will display after connecting your vehicle. Plug is your flight controller to the USB.

Good luck.

Thank you, rollys

I also figured out that I need to first connect to vehicle (or PX4 in case of SITL) in order to bring up all of settings

I also facing the same situation when I tried to install QGC but at the installation time it shows an error windows defender error 577, so I want a proper solution how can I install QGC properly without facing any error.

Disable Digital Signature requirement before installation.

Good luck.