Waiting for vehicle connection in MacOS

I am using PX4 autopilot on NXP HoverGames kit. When I connect the fmu alone with out motors or sensors using QGC, it is showing Waiting for vehicle connection forever and does not detect, although I can able to put the flight PX4 firmware on fmu using QGC.
Any solutions or ideas how to solve this? (or does it detect in QGC only when sensors and airframe is connected all together?).

Best Regrards

What is the version of your px4 firmware?
And you MacOS version/Mac model?

Hello orico,
I use the latest stable version of PX4 , the MacOS version is Catalina(10.15), model is Late 2013. the thing is only after I updated to catalina it does not show vehicle connection. but for HIL simulation it does work and shows the simulator connection.


Then I think you can check out this issue https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/issues/11899 and also report the problem there. Hopefully the team will give a fix.