PX4 does not connect to QGC

Hello, Dear community.
I updated the firmware version to the latest version of PX4.
Then, I opened the QGC and is not recognizing the PX4. I’ve seen the device manager and the driver is correctly installed.
There is a way to select the correct port in QGC?
also, I’m receiving “Error on link SIK Radio on COM3(autoconnect). Error connecting: Could not create port. The semaphore timeout period has expired”

Thank you so much

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Ports of windows can get hosed up sometimes. Have you tried rebooting your machine?

Hi. Thank you for your answer. I’ve reboot my PC many times… And I also update the driver of the COM port and in QGC I’ve updated the firmware of the radio telemetry but still don’t connect to the pixhawk…

I got the answer here updating firmware

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