VTOL Mixer group #1 saturates at 50%, Why?

Hello. I’m setting up a mixer for a VTOL tilt-rotor.
I have been using control group 0 and 1 (because I find that in FW mode control group 0 is inhibited).
I find that control group 1 seems to only work until 50% stick deflection while control group 0 is effective to full stick deflection.

For example if you had the following mixer lines
S: 0 0 -2500 -2500 0 -10000 10000
S: 1 0 2500 2500 0 -10000 10000
One would not exactly cancel the other. (i’m interested in canceling out some control in VTOL mode).

Is this intentional? Is there any way to double my stick resolution on control group 1?

This seems to be a convergence VTOL problem. When I tried another aircraft I had no saturation.

Ok, This was a matter of the parameters being high enough to saturate the servos. When tuned down, the null zones at the top and bottom of the scales were reduced.