Custom mixer to get VTOL plane throttle output on MAIN5

Hi all,

First off, I’m new to this forum, and I hope I’ve posted in the correct place.

I have a custom VTOL that has six control surface servos. These are connected to the AUX bus on my Pixhawk 2.1 (Cube Black) leaving no other aux channel open for the FW ESC. All my control surfaces are working beautifully via a custom airframe and custom AUX mixer file.

Because I have no more open AUX channels, I’ve wired my plane ESC to MAIN5 (MAIN1-4 are hover motors in the default VTOL config). However, I’m unable to get any PWM output on this pin.

Here is my main mixer file:

R: 4x 10000 10000 10000 0

Pusher throttle passthrough
M: 1
S: 1 3      0  20000 -10000 -10000  10000

AUX2 Passthrough
M: 1
S: 3 6  10000  10000      0 -10000  10000

Failsafe outputs
The following outputs are set to their disarmed value
during normal operation and to their failsafe falue in case
of flight termination.

Currently, I have a custom build of PX4 to get this mixer in, but I recently have also put this mixer file on the SD card at /etc/mixers so I can more easily edited. My /etc/config.txt on that SD card is as follows:

set PWM_AUX_OUT 123456
set PWM_MAIN_OUT 12345
set PWM_AUX_MIN 1000
set PWM_AUX_MAX 2000

I realize I’m probably doing something stupid here… the above config was copied from here:

Any help getting the plane pusher throttle output on MAIN5 would be appreciated. Thanks!

edit: I checked boot.txt, and turns out I’m just stupid! the config file was named vtol_CUSTOM_MIX.mix not vtol_CUSTOM_MIX.main.mix :slight_smile:

It’s working great now.