VTOL Hybrid mode

Hello there, my name is Rui and im a student on Engeneering.
Currently im working on my Masterś thesis, and the project is all about an autonomous VTOL in hybrid mode.

The goal would be to have an extra VTOL state that can work as the name states in hybrid mode. Somewhat like the transition to FW state but permanent. Id love to have some guiadance on the subject and look forward to any suggestions or help. Currently I have had some attempts but nothing remarkable yet.

What im trying to do is creating a new vtol mode , I call it Hybrid Mode. The goal is to have a similar state to the transition to FW state, but permanent. It would allow me to have the Multicopter motors only keeping me " in the air " and the trust motor from the FW doing the moving. Also, id like to use the mc motors for roll pitch and yaw movement. The " main goal " is to spare battery as much as possible, while keeping the agility factor high.

My attempts so far were creating a new mavlink state and use the command " 3000 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 " to change the state. This however has proven to be unsucessfull so im seeking some guiadance on how to change the state. And maybe also on the flight mode.

If you ever flown the vtol, if one vehicle cant transit, ( wich happened to me lots of time due to weight ) , it keeps the transition state, before transition timeout. My goal was to have that movement but permanent, while having the option to have all the other modes available.

Hope I explained it a little beter. Thanks for any help given

Hi Rui.

Interesting project (if you could share some pictures so that people here can have a better idea that would be great and cool too).

I’m not 100% sure as you need to clarify a bit more, but depending on how far you want to go with this project you might not need to create a whole new flight mode but instead you can probably get by with a custom mixer.

For example a very simple approach would be to have the MC motors with a regular MC mixer while flying in stabilize mode (which will keep Roll/Pitch levelled) and then to add a RC passthrough to the cruise “FW” motor.

This is simple enough that you could get it flying in a day. Though you won’t be able to do position control, missions etc


The main goal is for it to become autonomous, so id really need the separate mode. I dont have any pictures nor ideas on how to clarify any further. I litterally want to have a vtol with all 5 motors ( 4 MC and 1 FW ) working. It has to become autonomous, so mission and possition controll are crutial. Having the hybrid configuration would allow me to save battery and to have a completly new flight characteristic to the aircraft.