V-Tail Fixed wing mixer file - correctness


Can someone here please reconfirm the mixer file for the V-Tail Fixed wing plane .


I am seeing here they have considered the Throttle on Channel 3 , ailerons on Channel 0 & Pitch on channel 1 . What if there is no radio Channel 0 available on the Radio transmitter unit or do we consider by default Channel 0 as Channel 1 in such a case . thank you

@sibujacob Those are mixers, which configure the output of the flight controller. Therefore, this is not related to the channels you have in your RC receiver.

To find more information about how mixing / actuator ouputs work on PX4 you can look at Mixing and Actuators | PX4 User Guide

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I have already read those links…thank you

@sibujacob Could you explain What you are missing from the docs?

**Extracts from the px4 link ( added X-UAV Mini Talon V-Tail airframe and mixer (#10414) · PX4/PX4-Autopilot@a21d352 · GitHub) **

" Inputs to the mixer come from channel group 0 (vehicle attitude), channels 0
(roll), 1 (pitch), 2 (yaw) and 3 (thrust) 4 (flaps) 6 (flaperon) "

My radio transmitter( herelink) doesn’t have a channel 0 but starts from Channel 1. Will Px4 recognize this Channel 0 as Channel 1 for the Ailerons.

@sibujacob I think you are confusing output mixers with RC inputs. Those channels are actuator “output” channels and are not a 1 to 1 relationship with the RC input channels.

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yes , i understand …

Please can you also advice which parameter in Px4 is used to adjust the throw of the control surfaces say for instance pitch . I feel that the pitch is moving extreme ends and i would like to reduce this degree of throw on the pitch especially for manual flight mode.
thank you