Using MAVLink to communicate with Parrot Anafi

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has any experience using a Parrot ANAFI communicating via MAVLink to a PC.
I can’t find anywhere that explicitly states whether the ANAFI is a PX4 based drone or not. Anyone know?

I can see UDP packets being sent and received between drone and PC, but QGroundControl won’t fully configure due to “missing (mavlink) parameters” and missing radio channels .

I’ve also used MAVProxy to inspect what’s happening - the console is constantly changing between “Mode:UNKNOWN” and “Mode:Mode(0x0000000)”. There are also messages detailing "Got MAVLink Message : COMMAND_ACK { command: 66 … ".

Thanks in advance.

Did you find any answer? Thx!


For sure Parrot Anafi is compatible with some MAVLINK messages and is a PX4 stack . But you must use OLYMPE SDK to program through Python MAVLINK … I have successfully done a **OPENCV ( YOLO3 ) implementation with a Parrot Anafi Thermal …The best place to get starting is to use the following link

My Parrot Anafi Thermal programmed to do a OPENCV “human capture”

Sorry for late reply but yes the Parrot Anafi is MAVLink compatible. As @sibujacob mentions, the live piloting commands is a good place to start. There are some qwerks with the parrot that I’ve not seen with other MAVLink drones. Particularly using deprecated MAVLink commands.