Using Gazebo_motor_failure_plugin in gazebo simulation

Hi all,

I want to simulate motor failure in gazebo on a quadcopter

I understand that a plugin is already made for this but I have no idea how to use it. I have built it by modifying the CMakeFile but how would I actually go about using it?

You can interface it through the gazebo topics by sending the motor number

I wasnt too sure on how to publish to a gazebo topic, but I thought the plugin existed so I could publish to the ros topic and that would publish to gazebo. However I dont see the corresponding ros topic so I was not sure how to publish to that.

If you are using ROS, you can interact with ROS topics:

The issue I am facing is that I dont see the ROS topic for motor failure, so I am not sure if the plugin is even running. I know it built but do I need to check an option or modify the launch files to enable it?

Thanks a lot for your help btw I reallt appreciate it

@steelshot Ah, of course you need to add the plugin to the model

Ahh I see. Do you have any pointers on how to do that? I am kind of new to gazebo.