Gazebo MavLink interface

Hi there,

First things first, I am using Ubuntu 18.04 with Gazebo 9.

I am trying to develop a differential drive robot that interfaces with gazebo using mavlink. I am using Firmware/Tools/sitl_gazebo/models/rover as a guide and inside it I have found the plugin file which seems to handle all of the communication between gazebo topics and the PX4 SITL daemon using mavlink over UDP. The specific code block is below:

<plugin name='mavlink_interface' filename=''>
        <channel name="rear_left_wheel_drive">

I’m most interested in the motor speed data subscription and would like to know how I can change this from accepting motor information for an ackerman drive rover, to accepting motor information for a two-wheel differential drive robot. In PX4, I have a mixer file defined in ROMFS that can be used to generate the appropriate control values for the motors - how would I get that information across mavlink so that this plugin can read it and actuator the motors in Gazebo?

Did you find the explanation of these codes sir ? I am confused about



i also want to do this.but when i insert my own sdf ackerman model into px4-ardupilot , the new ackerman model’steer joint works bad. so, would you tell me the define of the libgazebo mavlink interface plugin. thinks.