Using Cygwin to build master codeline SITL on Windows

According to Windows Development Environment support for the Cygwin toolchain may be dropped in the future:


The current version of this toolchain does not work with the master codeline (though it does with stable versions). The Windows WSL2-Based Development Environment is a highly recommended Windows 11 (only) alternative, and is likely to become the supported Windows solution in the near future.

In case I am only interested in building PX4 SITL (i.e. px4.exe) and not interested in a dev environment, cross compilation, etc., is there any inherent problem with Cygwin that should prevent using it for Windows SITL builds in the future? Or is it just a matter of not wanting to support the PX4 Cygwin toolchain itself?

I was able to build the master codeline with Cygwin based on install-cygwin-px4.bat with some modifications and by following error messages. The reason I am asking is that in my use case installing SITL binaries on another Windows machine is simpler with Cygwin than with WSL2.