Using a Battery Charger to Power Drone on Desk

I am setting up my first full drone and I have all the electronic components out on the desk and I want to just spin it up and check that I have everything configured broadly correctly before wiring it up in the actual airframe (which is going to be a bit of a pain). I was wondering if there was a way I could use my battery charger in digital power mode to provide power to the PM 07 rather than using batteries. I saw someone say they used 12V 20A (Powersupply without LiPo battery) but is there a way to decide what the correct numbers here?

12v 20A should work fine for a bench test like you’re planning to do. One thing to check is whether the ESC board actually provides 5v and enough 5v for servos. Usually that’s for ESCs, and to drive servos you need additional BECs to power it. The 5v by the power supply is generally for the Pixhawk and not to drive servos as well, otherwise overloaded servos will brown out the Pixhawk!