Use px4 on kakute f7 aio v1.5

ihi’ i try to install px4 on the kakute f7 aio v1.5 ’ i

the flashing is work but after i connect again the board and try to use QGC i dont get any madia about the flight controler

thanks for the help

Have you enabled auto-connection in QGC?

hi, i dont think this is the problem
i try with my both cumputer - linux and windows and tis not work …


Something is wrong. I think you have the wrong bootloader. It says fmu-v2 in your update screenshot but it should say something with kakute f7.

When I flash Ardupilot with the px4 console the Ardupilot work
And it’s recognize the board as kakute
So I don’t understand why it’s not flash the px4 also
Maby I need to flash not the standard px4?

Try flashing this bootloader: PX4-Autopilot/boards/holybro/kakutef7/extras/holybro_kakutef7_bootloader.bin at 3de7d83e5fb926551e08195987141df351c4dc5d · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

ok i use the bin file and flash the bootloader from the STM32CUBEprogramer
then when i go to the PX4 and try to flash the program the px4 sucsees to flash but when i connect to the cumputer again the flight control dont connect
when i flash it with ardupilot its work

did some one have any idia ??

Have you tried a full erase before flashing the bootloader?