Unstable flight


I’m new to drones, of course to this firmware and this forum.
I hope that you will excuse me if this is something already treated and in that case please point me in the right direction.
I searched the forum but found nothing that whit my scarce knowledge I can deem similar to my case.

The parts I’ve used to assemble my drone are:

FC: Pixracer
Rotors: EMAX RS2205 2300KV
Props: DALPROP 5045 V2 3 BLADE
Frame: ZMR250
Radio: FrSky X8R
Battery: TATTU 75C 1800Mha

The quad, arms correctly and lifts off the ground but it looks very unstable and doesn’t stay up for long, it looks like one or two motors are not synchronized.
To troubleshoot I’ve re-calibrated the motors in QGC, I’ve checked the propellers were correctly installed and CW/CCW direction respected.

I filmed the per terrible performance at the following link, I would be grateful if somebody could watch it and point me in the right direction to find a solution.

Many Thanks in advance.


Your quad seems to have a lot of vibration. Can you check the joints if they are properly tightened. Also check if the motors are screwed and bolted in properly.
The beeps you are getting at the end seems to be because IMU detected a lot of low frequency vibration in your quad.

You will need to tune MC_ROLLRATE_P and MC_PITCHRATE_P (probably lower than now) to stabilise this.

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Hi Lorenz,
Thanks for your reply.
Will have a look into this 2 parameters later today and let you know.