Understanding the PX4 pub/sub graph

As I was debugging why actuator_outputs where not happening in HITL mode I built a little tool to help grock the entire uORB pub/sub graph. See my demo video and full description on my blog.


Thanks for sharing, very cool! I really like how you can brose through the topics and nodes interactively.

Unfortunately, I fear you were not aware that some tooling already existed to grep through the source and find the uORB publications and subscriptions, see: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/blob/master/Tools/uorb_graph/create.py

ha ha, great minds, thanks for the link. Yours has lots of pretty colors:

Yours also looks a lot more complete… which probably explains all that python code you have :slight_smile:

Let me ping @bkueng, I think he was working on that.