Understanding crash after a flight of 10 hours


I have started a flight of 3 IRIS quad copter in Gazebo (SITL). Each quad copter takeoff and do a movement in some direction for several seconds after that the quad copters land and reset to the initial position,

I left the quad copter for simulation for 3 days, two of them stopped after around 10 hours for no obvious reasons, each one in different hours.

The last quad copter continued to realize the simulation.
Note that, I have increased the limit for accelerometer bias in EKF2 configuration in the PX4 source code. (COM_ARM_EKF_AB to 0.0054)

I have a registered log of the last flight realized by the 2 quad copters,

The link towards the log of the first quad copters:


The link for the second one:

Looking at the 3D visualization in the above two links, the drones seems to have some problems related to the accelerometers, which is not clear for me why is this happening.

Any ideas??

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