Unable to run MAVSDK-python examples

import asyncio
from mavsdk import System

async def run():

    drone = System()
    await drone.connect(system_address="udp://:14540")

    status_text_task = asyncio.ensure_future(print_status_text(drone))

    print("Waiting for drone to connect...")
    async for state in drone.core.connection_state():
        if state.is_connected:
            print(f"-- Connected to drone!")

    print("Waiting for drone to have a global position estimate...")
    async for health in drone.telemetry.health():
        if health.is_global_position_ok and health.is_home_position_ok:
            print("-- Global position estimate OK")

    print("-- Arming")
    await drone.action.arm()

    print("-- Taking off")
    await drone.action.takeoff()

    await asyncio.sleep(10)

    print("-- Landing")
    await drone.action.land()


async def print_status_text(drone):
        async for status_text in drone.telemetry.status_text():
            print(f"Status: {status_text.type}: {status_text.text}")
    except asyncio.CancelledError:

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Run the asyncio loop

when i run i am getting this output

This installation does not provide an embedded 'mavsdk_server' binary.
If you installed using pip, this means that 'mavsdk_server' is not distributed
for your platform yet (e.g. arm).

You will need to get and run the 'mavsdk_server' binary manually:

  1. Download 'mavsdk_server' from: https://github.com/mavlink/mavsdk/releases
     or build it from source.

  2. Run it, e.g. on port 50051:
     './mavsdk_server -p 50051'

  3. Set the 'mavsdk_server_address' and port when creating the System:
     'drone = System(mavsdk_server_address='localhost', port=50051)'

please help me

Are you trying to connect to a real drone ? Can you provide a screenshot for the setup?

Did you try following the instructions in the error message you copy-pasted above?