Cannot connect to drone

I could not use the cmake for the examples so I manually created an app using the takeoff and land example. I verified that my pc wifi is connected to the drone (3DR solo using OpenSolo). When I start the app using command line option udp:// I get as far as

auto system = mavsdk.first_autopilot(3.0);

and it fails then goes to

if (!system) {
    std::cerr << "Timed out waiting for system\n";

and exits;

my drone is uses mavlink V1. Does MAVSDK still support V1?

I can still arm, takeoff and land from my old V1 header based code but it was suggested that I try MAVSDK.

From what you’ve described, it looks like you are using mavsdk and connecting over UDP at


The issue I see here is that you have not defined an actual port however. The mavsdk documentation says the format is:


Which would connect to the PX4 simulator at IP address for instance.