Connect drone to MAVSDK-Python


i’m trying to get communication between my drone and python. I did the tutorial and can interface a simulated drone, but can’t connect to an actual drone connected via USB.

The mavsdk-server seems to connect to the drone

But the python side isn’t doing anything

What am i missing?
Running windows 10. Python in WSL

Hi, not sure how you run things, but WSL and network access generally don’t play well by default from my experience. I think the issue is that the linux system doesn’t see the server running on the windows side, you need to do some funky port-forwarding to pass connections between the 2 as the wsl is on a separate domain by default. Check this:

(now seems a bit easier than the last time I checked it…)

It might be also an option to pass the USB connection to the WSL and do it all in Linux: