Unable to perform stable flight with indoor drone (without GPS)

I am making this drone for indoor use (without GPS) and I got a positioning camera.
I am trying to the PID Tuning manually, but still unable to perform that also.
Any help will be appreciated.

Upon taking off, the drone starts to go away on 1 side and after a few seconds, it started coming down (even on 100% throttle), then touches the ground and then try to takeoff, but couldn’t make it.


  • QuadCopter
  • Pixhawk 6X
  • PX4 v1.13.3
  • Flight Mode: Position

What I observed from logs:

  • Huge volume of vibrations
  • Low power
  • Motors are running at almost 2000
  • Setpoints are not available for Local Position X, Y, Z

What I need?
I need support from experts here, please help me diagnose the core problem and the fix to the issues.

Strange Messages!
I am seeing some strange message which I couldn’t understand in the “Logged Messages” section of the log file.
[vehicle_imu] ACC 1 (2490386) offset committed: [0.016 0.003 -0.059]->[0.076 -0.016 -0.050])
[vehicle_imu] ACC 0 (2424858) offset committed: [0.280 0.071 -0.156]->[0.327 0.034 -0.167])
[vehicle_imu] ACC 2 (2752522) offset committed: [0.001 -0.077 0.042]->[0.063 -0.028 0.058])
[commander] action_request lost, generation 11 -> 13

Log # 1
Log # 2
Log # 3
Log # 4 (Local Position setpoints were available in this, but the behaviour was same)

Yes, I can confirm that. Do you mind sharing a picture of the setup?

Sent you the details of the setup.

Ok, so the Pixhawk is not in the center of gravity. Have you set the params to account for that offset?

Parameter Reference | PX4 User Guide (etc.)

No, when the Pixhawk was moved from center the parameters were not set. I will fix the parameters.

But, when it was at the center of gravity, the result was kind of same.

Right, I think you need to get it to fly properly in stabilized and altitude control mode first. If it’s that under-powered, it just wont fly properly at all. Once you have some control margin and it flies properly in these modes, you can move to position control.

Can you please shed some light on the power issue!

I am using a fully (actually over charged) battery (24V - 6S).

The drone starts flying, but as soon as it goes into air, voltages drop around 22V and drone came down after a few seconds. Voltages are going down, but more amps are being consumed.

The behaviour is same even at almost 100% throttle.

Kv (Motor Velocity Constant) → 465 RPM/V

And how much vibrations could be fine?

If the voltage drops a lot under throttle then it might also be a hint that the battery can’t provide the amount of current you want. Check the continuous and peak ratings of it, and then make sure you stay well below them.